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N. Derek Brown

I am an Assistant Professor in the Management Division at Columbia Business School.


I investigate what stifles equality in organizations and society. In particular, my research focuses on how group membership, hierarchy, and nonverbal behavior shape how we respond to the increasingly diverse society around us.

I completed my Ph.D. from the Management and Organizations group at Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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Select Publications

Brown, N. D., Jacoby-Senghor, D. S., & Raymundo, I. (2022). If you rise, I fall: Equality is prevented by the misperception that it harms advantaged groups. Science Advances.

Rosenblum, M., Jacoby-Senghor, D. S., & Brown, N. D. (in press). Detecting prejudice from egalitarianism: Why Black Americans don't trust White egalitarians’ claims. Psychological Science.

Nguyen, L. & Brown, N. D. (forthcoming). But I’m not diverse: Exploring the contexts and consequences of calling individual people (versus groups of people) diverse. In E. King, Q. Roberson, & M. Hebl (Eds.), Research on Social Issues in Management (V. 3): The Future of Diversity & Inclusion.

Brown, N. D. & Jacoby-Senghor, D. S. (2021). Majority members misperceive even ‘win-win’ diversity policies as unbeneficial to them. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. ​​​​  [Preprint]

Jacoby-Senghor, D. S., Rosenblum, M., & Brown, N. D. (2021). Not all egalitarianism is created equal: Claims of nonprejudice inadvertently communicate prejudice between ingroup members. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 94, 104104.

Boykin, C. M., Brown, N. D., Carter, J. T., Dukes, K., Green, D., Harrison, T., Hebl, M. R., McCleary-Gaddy, A., Membere, A., McJunkins, C., Simmons, C., Singletary Walker S., Smith, A. N., & *Williams, A. D. (2020). Anti-racist actions and accountability: Not more empty promises. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, 39, 755-786.

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